Media Release

Media Release

Fast Track Training Australia (FTTA) rebrands to the Institute of Teacher Aide Courses (ITAC)

Perth, Western Australia, June 24, 2021. For immediate Release

We are excited to announce that Fast Track Training Australia (FTTA) has rebranded to the Institute of Teacher Aide Courses (or ITAC for short) as of 28-8-2021. The new website can be found at

In the past, FTTA have delivered courses in a range of areas including childcare and aged care. Over the last few years however, the focus of the company has shifted and now we only delivery high quality teacher aide courses.

Now that FTTA only deliver and assess accredited teacher aide courses, a new brand that represents our niche area of specialisation was well over due. The FTTA trading name and logo has been used since 2009 – a time when the company had only a handful of students.

The following is a statement from FTTA’s CEO, Adam Green:

“The purpose of the rebranding process is to better align the company with our specialisation and reputation as the leading provider of teacher aide courses across Australia. With thousands of partnering schools in every state and territory, a new brand showcasing exactly what we do seemed long overdue. We feel that this change will benefit students as well such as providing them with a certificate that is easily recognisable by potential employers.”

The FTTA website has been moved to a new domain:


The Institute of Teacher Aide Courses is the go-to provider for nationally recognised teacher aide courses. We provide a supportive, flexible and high-quality experience for busy adult learners.