Why Become a Teacher Aide?

Welcome to one of the most rewarding careers that anyone can contemplate pursuing!

How to Become a Teacher Aide

So you want to become a teacher aide but are not sure how to go about it? This article explains everything you need to know.

What Do Teacher Aides Do?

Teacher’s aides work in schools assisting teachers and supporting children to learn and develop new skills.

How Much Do Teacher Aides Get Paid?

TA salary depends on several factors such as their experience, location, type of school, and whether they work with special needs.

Should You Enrol in an Online Teacher Aide Course?

The ability to study online has been a boon for parents, who can study at a time that suits them, and don’t need to take time off work.

A Review of the Academic Literature (Literature Review)

This literature review explores academic research on the work, roles, responsibilities, problems, challenges, and training of TAs.

Teacher Aide Certificates and Qualifications

This article will summarise the learning opportunities available to teacher’s aides in Australia.

Teacher Aide Courses in Western Australia

Common questions that we receive from people considering a career as a teacher's aide (Education Assistants) in Perth (WA).

Teacher Aide Courses in Queensland

We answer common questions regarding teacher’s aide courses in Queensland – from thousands of enquiries over the years.

Teacher Aide Courses in Victoria

We discuss the common questions from students and those considering a career as a teacher’s aide (integration aides) in Victoria.

Teacher Aide Courses in New South Wales

In the past, teacher’s aides were sometimes employed to do menial tasks - those days are long and truly gone.

Teacher Aide Courses in South Australia

Studying a teacher aide course in SA with the leader in teacher aide training is a sure-fire way to get your new career started.

Certificate III & IV in School Based Education Support in WA

Study Western Australia’s most popular teacher aide course with the leader in teacher aide training.

Certificate III & IV in School Based Education Support in Queensland

In this article we go through common questions from students in Queensland such as how to find work as a teacher aide.

Certificate III & IV in School Based Education Support in Victoria

ITAC students from Victoria graduate with a high level of theoretical and practical pedagogical knowledge.

Certificate III & IV in School Based Education Support in NSW

This article will introduce you to the training and employment options available in New South Wales

Certificate III & IV in School Based Education Support in SA

In this article you will read about studying and working as a teacher aide (often called SSOs) in South Australia

School Services Officer Courses: A Detailed Guide

Working as a SSO is one of the most rewarding yet challenging careers that you can contemplate undertaking.

Learning Support Officer: A Detailed Guide

As the job title suggests, learning support officers assist and support students with their learning.

Integration Aide Courses: A Detailed Guide

Integration aides are also known as teacher’s aides or teacher’s assistants. They are employed to support children in schools.

Teacher Aide Courses from the ACT

Think you could be a teacher aide? ITAC now offer our teacher aide courses to anyone living in or around the ACT.

Teaching Aids and Props

Teaching aids can be defined as any object used in the educational environment to support learning.

10 Behaviour Management Techniques

A list of 10 behaviour management techniques every education professional needs to know

Questioning Techniques for Teachers and Teacher Aides

When skilfully delivered, questions boost student engagement, improve understanding and promote critical thinking

Remedial Instruction

The basic premise of remedial instruction is to help students to ‘catch-up’ to their peers and thus prevent ongoing academic issues.

Metacognitive Skills

‘Metacognitive skills’ is a catch-all term for the dozens of techniques used to think and learn in a more efficient and effective way.

Traditional Teaching and Learning Strategies

Many of the strategies used in the past continue to be used in some way or another by teachers today.

Discussion as a Strategy

In the classroom setting, discussions mainly refer to whole-of-class activities facilitated or led by the teacher.

Strategies for Group Work

Teachers often need to think about the best way to allocate students to each pair or group.

Hazards in the School Environment

A central component of work health and safety is understanding hazards; what they are, and how to control them

Spaced Learning vs Massed Practice

Spaced learning refers to the theory that practising at regular intervals is more effective that practising all at once.

Building Rapport in the Classroom

Teachers don’t specifically plan for building rapport and no significant part of any lesson is devoted to it.

Intervention Strategies

If a student does not understand part of a task, learning might come to a halt unless the teacher intervenes


Lessons and programs have separate goals. At some point in time, teachers want to show students how these goals are related.

Teacher Assistants and Duty of Care

As an education assistant, you have a responsibility to ensure the safety of students, yourself and staff members.

Individual Education Plans

Some learners need additional systematic support from a team of educational professionals

Chunking as a Strategy

Dividing a challenging task into small components means each component can be given due attention.

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