MumED: Achieving Goals While Navigating Parenthood

Flexibility and Support Tailored for Parents

MumED is purpose-built for parents, especially mothers, who face the twin challenges of caregiving and pursuing an education. Recognising that most of our students are women with family responsibilities, this program aims to alleviate the hurdles often associated with parenting while studying – be it time constraints, stress, or unexpected family emergencies. Our staff, many of whom are parents themselves, offer a deep understanding of these challenges and are committed to providing the support needed for your academic and personal success.

Mother studying on a laptop while supervising young child.

Core Features of MumED

  • Flexible Touch-points: We offer virtual catch-ups scheduled at various times to provide you with multiple opportunities for engagement. If you can't attend one week, you have the option to participate the next week at a different time.
  • Convenient One-on-One Availability: Our staff are accessible during hours that are considerate of your parenting commitments, aiming to coincide with quieter periods in your day.
  • Family-Oriented Class Timings: Classes are scheduled between 9:30 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. to align with common school drop-off and pick-up times, reducing the necessity for additional childcare services.
  • Customised Placement Scheduling: Enjoy the flexibility of attending placement sessions on days that suit you, helping to minimise childcare costs further.
  • School-Holiday Tutorials: Recognising the demands of the school term, we provide tutorials during school holidays, including child-friendly sessions.
  • 24/7 Access to Online Learning Modules: Take advantage of our around-the-clock online resources, including audiobooks read at a natural pace by our trainers, to assist you in juggling life and family responsibilities.
  • Flexible Course Load Options: Our program is designed to adapt to your schedule, allowing you the freedom to adjust your course load week by week with no strict deadlines. This means you can choose the number of hours that work best for you, based on your availability and family commitments.
  • Quick Academic Queries Response Team: Utilise our dedicated support team, experienced in fielding academic queries promptly, allowing you to make the most of your available time.
  • Personalised Career Guidance: Receive tailored career advice based on your individual circumstances, taking into consideration both your current situation and long-term plans as your children grow.
  • Comprehensive Flexibility: We pride ourselves on a culture of understanding the intricate and evolving needs of adult learners; flexibility is not just a feature but an integral part of our program ethos.

In Summary

The MumED Program stands as a vital extension of ITAC’s already robust student support offerings, specifically targeting the academic and well-being requirements of our parent-students. Thanks to the first-hand experience of our staff in balancing education and parenthood, we offer an unparalleled depth of both emotional and academic support. From flexible scheduling to career guidance that takes your unique challenges into account, MumED transcends the generic assistance commonly found in academic settings. This program embodies ITAC's unwavering dedication to ensuring student success across diverse life situations, demonstrating our commitment to you and your family.

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