Study Modes: Flexible Learning for Adult Learners

ITAC students and teacher in class in small groups.

Welcome to ITAC's study modes, tailored to accommodate the needs of adult learners. Whether you opt for our online or class-based courses, you'll enjoy 24/7 access to resources, specialised programs like MumED and JobAssist, and the expertise of our seasoned trainers, many of whom have served as senior teachers or in educational management roles. All modes require a placement and have uniform learning and assessment resources. Additionally, our class-based mode offers weekly workshops for each topic, and all modes feature complimentary virtual catch-ups each week.

Accelerated Mode: Leverage Life and Work Experience to Graduate Sooner

  • 10-Week Fast-Track
  • Get Earning Sooner
  • Leverage Work and Life Experience
  • Flexible and Self-Paced
  • 18-Month Enrolment Period
  • Structured and Supported
  • Adult-Friendly Learning
  • RPL Alternative
  • Full Trainer Support
  • Includes JobAssist

For those with work and life experience, the fast-track Accelerated Mode is the perfect way to leverage your decades of acquired skills. It means getting back into the workforce sooner rather than artificially adhering to slower learning plans, often designed around high school graduates. If you find it difficult to keep up, no problem, you still have up to 18 months to complete your course – not to mention the full support of ITAC’s experienced and friendly trainers, and our links to 1000s of partnering schools.

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Online Mode: Structured and Supported Learning From Anywhere

ITAC student studying with a book and laptop.

In today's fast-paced world, online learning has become the most common method of study, thanks largely to the unparalleled flexibility it offers. At ITAC, we've crafted our online courses to be as accommodating as possible, giving you the freedom to study on your terms—whether that's in short sporadic bursts or a consistent weekly routine. Study when you want, as often as you want.

  • Structured Learning Pathway
  • Self-Paced Curriculum
  • Interactive E-Modules
  • 24/7 Global Access
  • Most Popular Choice
  • Audiobook Options
  • Weekly Virtual Catch-Ups
  • MumED & JobAssist Included
  • Unparalleled Flexibility
  • Comprehensive Support

Our online curriculum, rooted in the principles of adult learning, is meticulously designed by seasoned educational experts. This design approach ensures a learning experience that is both accessible and captivating. Further enhancing this experience are our interactive e-learning modules, which are engineered to be not only enjoyable but also contextual and visually engaging. This multifaceted design reduces learner frustration and streamlines the educational process, making it both straightforward and efficient. Additionally, if reading isn't your preferred learning style, our audiobook options allow you to absorb the material while you're on the go, such as walking the dog.

While the course is structured to guide you through a defined learning pathway, it's self-paced, allowing you to progress at a speed that suits your schedule and commitments. Whether you choose to work through the curriculum quickly or take your time, you can count on comprehensive support from ITAC's seasoned trainers, all of whom have extensive experience in Australian classrooms. This way, you get the best of both worlds: a structured yet flexible educational experience that works around your commitments so you don’t have to compromise.

Class-Based Mode: Weekly Workshops for Flexible Scheduling

ITAC adult learners in one of ITAC's classes.

Balancing a traditional classroom experience with today's busy schedules, ITAC offers a class-based mode that requires just one day per week. Designed as interactive workshops, these classes introduce key concepts, leaving in-depth learning and consolidation for your own time – much like our online mode.

Currently, this mode is available exclusively in Western Australia and comes at no additional cost. Due to high demand, classes tend to fill up rapidly, so we recommend early enrolment.

  • 10 Introductory Workshops
  • 1 Day Per Week
  • 9:30-2:15 for Parents
  • Cockburn, Perth Location
  • 4 Term Intakes Per Year
  • Early Booking Recommended
  • Social Engagement
  • Structured Learning
  • JobAssist Included
  • Expert Teachers

Class-based mode is ideal for those who value the social interactions that come with a classroom setting, whether that's with trainers or fellow students. Classes are timed to accommodate family routines, allowing for convenient pick-up and drop-off of children at school. This mode is particularly recommended for students who might benefit from more structured learning, such as those who are improving their English skills or who are younger and require additional guidance.

As with our online students, those who opt for class-based learning enjoy the same round-the-clock access to resources, specialised and highly valuable programmes like MumED and JobAssist, and the option for complimentary virtual catch-ups. This ensures a comprehensive, flexible educational experience tailored for adult learners.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

For detailed information about Recognition of Prior Learning, visit our RPL page here.

In Summary

To sum up, ITAC offers two main study modes to suit varied learning preferences and lifestyles: Online and Class-Based. Both are structured, supported, and self-paced, with 24/7 access to essential resources and specialised programmes like MumED and JobAssist. Online mode provides ultimate flexibility, ideal for those juggling multiple commitments. Class-Based mode, available in Western Australia, offers the unique benefit of weekly in-person workshops for those seeking social interaction and additional structure. Whether you're a self-motivated learner or someone who thrives on social engagement, ITAC's study modes are designed to adapt to your needs, enabling you to make the most of your educational journey.

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