Enrolment TnCs

Educational Services

  1. Educational Services: During the designated enrolment period, ITAC shall provide all standard educational and ancillary services required for the course.
  2. Assessment Submissions: All assessments and additional course requirements must be submitted within the enrolment period unless an authorised extension is granted. Services cannot be provided outside of this period.

Financial Terms and Obligations

  1. 30-Day Grace Period & Fee Obligation: Students have a 30-day window from their start date to assess the suitability of the course without incurring the full fee liability. After this grace period, or upon submitting an assessment or attending two classes, the full course fees become payable, and any paid amounts non-refundable. These fees cover ongoing expenses borne by ITAC regardless of the student's level of engagement, akin to gym or mobile phone contracts. These incurred expenses include the allocation of teaching staff, student insurance, facility upkeep, e-learning software and licences, administrative costs, and services such as weekly live webinars.
  2. Payment Failures: In the event of an unsuccessful payment, students are obligated to remit the outstanding amount promptly or reschedule for a future payment date. ITAC reserves the right to append the outstanding amount to the end of the student's existing payment schedule.
  3. Dishonour Fees: A fee of $3.00 will be imposed for each unsuccessful direct debit payment, as levied by the financial institution and passed onto the student. This fee may increase from time to time.
  4. Financial Hardship: Students facing financial difficulties are encouraged to contact ITAC to explore alternative payment arrangements.
  5. Payment Modifications: While payment deferrals are generally not permitted, adjustments to payment amounts and frequency can be made to accommodate financial hardship as per the relevant policies.
  6. Non-Payment Consequences: ITAC reserves the right to refer delinquent accounts to a collections agency and to terminate the enrolment.
  7. Adjustment to Refund Amount: Should a student choose to withdraw from the course, any refund amount issued will be adjusted to include an administrative charge, as well as any applicable dishonour fees. For the exact fee structure, refer to the Fee Schedule provided in the Student Handbook.


  1. Issuance of Certificates: Evidence of course completion, including certificates, will only be issued upon receipt of all due payments, inclusive of any dishonour fees. Students may bring payment forward in order to receive documentation.

Professional Conduct and Compliance

  1. Professional Conduct: Students agree to maintain a professional and respectful demeanour when interacting with ITAC staff, fellow students, and during placements. Failure to act in a professional manner may result in revoking the enrolment.
  2. Media Consent: ITAC reserves the right to photograph students for promotional purposes unless otherwise notified by the student.
  3. Government Reporting: ITAC is legally obligated to provide course progress updates to Centrelink (Services Australia) for students receiving government assistance.
  4. Exit Points: It is noted that the course has no exit points due to its construction (integrated design) meaning not unit is complete until all requirements are successfully completed.
  5. Inactive Enrolments: Enrolment status may be placed on hold or revoked if no substantive contact has been made for 90-days.
  6. Student to Inform Themselves: Students are advised to consult the Student Handbook and Policies Page on ITAC's website for comprehensive information on fees, refunds, extensions, complaints, RPL, conduct, privacy, and government funding where applicable.

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