EnablePath is engineered to address the nuanced needs of students with disabilities and disorders. With a network of expert faculty, referral services, and specialist agencies, EnablePath delivers an inclusive educational experience. Our mission is to level the academic playing field, ensuring all students have an opportunity to excel.

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Core Features of EnablePath

Individualised Academic Support

  • Work with staff trained and experienced in special education needs and assistive technologies.
  • Access to resources that comply with international accessibility standards, enabling technologies such as screen readers and speech-to-text software.
  • Curriculum adjustments in consultation with educational experts, exceeding legislative requirements such as the Disability Standards for Education.
  • Materials provided in multiple formats.
  • Staff with years of experience in liaising and supporting students with disabilities attending school placements.

Partnerships with Specialist Services

  • Collaboration with disability employment agencies, disability services and government agencies.
  • Communication with referral providers for specialised support when needed, such as medical and psychological services.

Flexible Assessment and Learning Paths

  • Customisable timelines and academic pathways to accommodate varying needs.
  • Easier access to re-takes, alternative assessments, and personalised academic counselling.

Dedicated Liaison Officer

  • A go-to person for all EnablePath students to help navigate academic, administrative, and external support systems.

Unique Career Advancement Opportunities

  • Access to a job board featuring opportunities in organisations that value diversity.

Intervention and Well-being

  • Scheduled check-ins from a dedicated specialist i.e. special needs teacher, providing tailored, best-practice guidance, leading towards academic success.

In Summary

EnablePath goes beyond the traditional scope of academic support, acting as a multi-faceted hub for students with disabilities and disorders. Unlike generic services, EnablePath is rooted in passionate lecturers, understanding and practical solutions. It not only encompasses academic considerations but extends into career development and personal well-being. With the collaboration of dedicated staff and specialist service providers, the program ensures a more equitable, supported, and fruitful educational journey the benefits the student, their family, the community and the clients they go on to support.

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