Dandjoo Support – Tailored Support for Indigenous Students

Bridging Cultural Knowledge and Academic Success

The Dandjoo Support Program is designed to provide targeted academic and well-being support to our Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander students. Acknowledging the distinct challenges Indigenous students may encounter, Dandjoo Support provides assistance from a committed team of seasoned lecturers, each with specialised training and extensive experience in this specific area. This dedicated approach aims to foster both academic success and personal well-being, facilitating a more effective and fulfilling educational journey for our students.

Two Indigenous adult learners.

Core Features of Dandjoo Support

  • Expert Academic Support: Engage with a team of highly qualified staff members who have undergone specialised training in providing assistance to Indigenous learners.
  • Enhanced Placement Supervision: Receive additional site visits, if required, and additional monitoring and school liaising during practical placements to ensure a conducive learning environment.
  • Tailored Career Preparation: Benefit from personalised support in crafting resumes and applications, taking into account each student's unique skills, circumstances, and geographical location.
  • Designated Senior Liaison: Each student is assigned a senior ITAC staff member for regular academic and well-being check-ins, serving as a consistent point of contact, and to minimise administrative and other barriers.
  • Exclusive Employment Opportunities: Gain special access to job listings on the JobAssist platform, specifically targeting roles that require an Indigenous background, such as Indigenous Education Officers among other titles.
  • Flexible Assessment Accommodations: Enjoy straightforward procedures for securing adjustments for assessment retakes, gap training, and supplementary academic support.

In Summary

The Dandjoo Support Program constitutes a significant addition to ITAC's already comprehensive array of student support services, targeting the specific academic and well-being needs of our Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander learners. By coupling specialised training with extensive experience, our staff guide students through their academic journey in a manner that is both culturally sensitive and intellectually rigorous.

From expert academic support to enhanced job placement opportunities, the features of this program go far beyond standard academic assistance. Unlike more generic programs and support centres found elsewhere, Dandjoo Support offers a uniquely customised experience, taking into account the cultural, educational, and professional dimensions that our Indigenous students navigate. Exclusive to ITAC, this program exemplifies our unwavering commitment to student success across diverse communities.

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