Strengthening Access to Education Through Diverse Partnerships

Bridging Gaps with Specialist Service Providers

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We collaborate with multiple service providers to broaden the reach of quality education across diverse Australian communities. Tailoring programs to unique community needs, our partnerships range from Indigenous Health Services, Mission Australia, Defence Member and Family Support, and a large number of employment and disability services providers. The focus is on delivering actionable skills for sustained impact.

We are committed to extending the reach of high-quality education to diverse communities across Australia. In line with this mission, we collaborate closely with a myriad of service providers, from job service agencies to disability support organisations and other specialized services. These partnerships allow us to offer targeted educational services to some of Australia's most economically disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals.

Our foundational belief is that everyone deserves access to a high-quality education, regardless of their circumstances. This conviction drives our expansive collaborative efforts, leading us to tailor our educational offerings to meet the unique needs of each community we serve. Our focus is on imparting actionable skills and knowledge that provide immediate and lasting impact.

In undertaking this work, we consider it a form of community service. Despite not receiving government funding for these initiatives and often operating at a financial loss, our commitment to inclusive, high-quality education remains unwavering.

Among the providers we are proud to work with are:

  • Department of Communities & Justice
  • Department of Primary Industries and Regions
  • Defence Member and Family Support
  • Mission Australia
  • Multicultural Australia
  • Women’s Health and Family Services
  • Wesley Mission
  • National Joblink
  • Communicare
  • Bridging The Gap
  • atWork Australia
  • BUSY At Work
  • Uniting Communities
  • Kids Off The Kerb
  • Inala Indigenous Health Service
  • WISE Employment
  • AXIS Employment
  • Allianz Workers Compensation
  • APM Employment Services
  • Maxima Joblink

These collaborations represent our commitment to making high-quality education accessible to everyone, thereby promoting both individual and community betterment.

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