Unlock Your Career Potential with JobAssist

Connecting ITAC Graduates with 1000s of Employers

At ITAC, we believe in providing holistic support to our students, a commitment that reaches far beyond academic training. That's why we offer JobAssist, an exclusive service available only to ITAC students – all with lifetime access, so you can find new opportunities throughout your career.

This initiative capitalises on our unmatched network involving thousands of schools nationwide, as well as our team's extensive experience in local schools. JobAssist serves as an invaluable bridge between your studies and your future career in educational support, providing resources, guidance, and direct links to job opportunities – exclusive to ITAC students.

Teacher assistant working with two students in a primary school classroom.

Enhanced Features of JobAssist

Job Board for Support Workers

  • Free, lifetime access for ITAC students
  • Connecting 1000s of schools with ITAC students
  • Australian’s only board for education support positions
  • Reaching all areas of Australia – rural, regional and metro
  • Schools offer placement opportunities with possible job offers
  • Get your foot in the door - many students are offered casual work during their course
  • Exclusive use by only ITAC students
  • Lifetime access – search for new opportunities whenever you like

Customised Job Opening Alerts

  • Receive notifications about new job opportunities in your area
  • Full-time, part-time, casual and contract positions
  • Aligns your preferences with opportunities as they become available
  • Free, lifetime access for ITAC students

Expert Guidance with Resumes and Applications

  • Videos developed by school managers who do the hiring
  • Samples and templates free for ITAC students
  • Expert advice from teachers and experienced support workers
  • Step-by-step guidance to navigate the application process

Profile Hub for School Hiring Managers

  • Create a detailed profile, accessible to all schools in the area you designate
  • Specify your preferences i.e. grades, subjects and days
  • Market your expertise – great for students coming from other industries
  • Access to offers for specialist programs and roles that are not advertised

Placement Hub

  • Express your interest in volunteer work placements
  • Search advertised placement opportunities in your area
  • Potential for casual or other paid work during your course
  • Discover schools and opportunities previously unknown to you.

Lifetime Access at No Extra Cost

  • Enjoy lifetime access to all JobAssist features without any additional fees – exclusive to ITAC students.

Summing up the Benefits

JobAssist is not just a service; it's a comprehensive pathway to sustainable career opportunities in the education sector. Unparalleled in its scope and exclusively free for ITAC students, JobAssist offers a suite of resources that can shape your professional journey from start to finish. Trust in ITAC's ongoing commitment to equip you with every possible advantage as you transition from student to educational support professional.

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