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Teacher aide courses from Toowoomba

Government subsidised education support courses from $50

Teacher aide courses from Toowoomba

Australia’s most popular government subsidised teacher aide courses are now available in Toowoomba from $50

Searching for a government funded teacher aide course in Toowoomba? You can now enrol in Australia’s most popular, research-based teacher aide course in Toowoomba by distance or class-based learning, and, from an amazing $50 thanks to funding provided by the Queensland government (or $100 standard co-contribution fee). As the leading provider of teacher aide courses across Australia, we are proud to offer our courses to everyone living in the Toowoomba area and continue to service the needs of local schools, students and parents.

Female teacher aide holds up drawing board in front of art display of trees and Koalas.

The types of things that teacher aides do day to day is so varied – one day reading and writing, the next making resources and artistic displays like the above. Amazing work everyone!

If you’re looking for a reputable teacher aide course that you can complete from Toowoomba and one which will give you the best chance of being employed in a local school, we advise considering one of ITAC’s courses such as those listed below:

CHC30221 Certificate III in School Based Education Support: The first level of teacher aide courses for those who need to learn the basics to work in a mainstream classroom. Many students however enrol in the course below given that there is no requirement to complete the CHC30221 Certificate III in School Based Education Support first. For maximum learning and job prospects however, you may consider enrolling in both courses (one after the other) so you and the school know that all the bases have been covered.

CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support: The second level of the teacher aide courses made for those who want to work with special needs students in either mainstream classrooms or special needs schools. This is the highest level teacher aide course and you will have maximum employability: schools mainly hire teacher aides to work with special needs (ASD, ADHD, FASD, etc.) and this course specifically addresses the skills and knowledge required to provide high level support to such students.

The teacher aide combo combines the requirement of both courses above in a streamlined, efficient and cost-effective program. However, due to government rules, this program is not available for government funded students which only allows one course to be completed at any one time. The teacher aide combo is best for students who are not eligible for funding, such as those who have already completed a higher-level course which makes them ineligible (such as a degree or diploma of some kind).

Classes for Toowoomba residents are available only a short trip away in the Brisbane CBD, from one day per week, and they start every school term. These classes are more like workshops that introduce students to the main concepts and topics in an adult-friendly environment – this means students can have some face to face time but do not have to give up their day job in order to complete a course. As our students have an average age of 37, many of whom are parents and have casual, part-time or full-time jobs, we have developed a super-flexible program that combines the best of distance and class based learning, specifically for our target demographic: busy adult learners like yourself.

To learn more about studying one of our teacher aide courses from Toowoomba, please read the following articles:

CHC30221 Certificate III in School Based Education Support: what you need to know

CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support: what you need to know

Distance learners can enrol and begin at any stage of year meaning you could be off and running with your new career as a teacher aide in a Toowoomba school in no time. We have developed a detailed article specifically for students thinking about studying a teacher aide course online: Teacher aide courses online: Is it right for me? Distance learners in Toowoomba who enrol in Australia’s most popular teacher aide course have access to ITAC’s excellent selection of quality resources developed by Australia’s best experts in teacher aide training.

This is why our students are so sough after by industry: they graduate with the best pedagogical skills and knowledge in the industry. This means a high-level understanding of how to best support and work with students with a wide range of needs, implementing dozens of techniques and strategies as well as assisting the teacher to manage and coordinate student behaviour. Finally, we teach our students how to efficiently participate in the very important task of ensuring the effective operation of the classroom from a logistical and business-like perspective.

Distance or online students, regardless of where they study from, are provided with unlimited support. We don’t just flippantly throw around terms like ‘unlimited support’ for no reason: students can email, phone, meet face to face, attend tutorials, participate in live webinars, and unlike almost every other provider, we visit EVERY student in the workplace while you are on placement.

Speaking of placement, a 100-hour practicum applies to all students enrolled in a nationally recognised teacher aide course and you could complete your 100-hours in a local Toowoomba school – imagine the thrill and reward of waking up and spending the day helping the children of Toowoomba develop their literacy and numeracy skills, learn about the world, grow as a person, form friendship groups and become the next generation of Toowoomba’s movers and shakers.

After completing your teacher aide course in Toowoomba, you could end up working in any number of local schools such as the examples below:

You can learn more about what it takes to be a teacher aide, your roles and responsibilities, what to expect on your first few days in a school, and the common tasks that teacher aides are expected to do day to day by reading one of our many articles such as: What do teacher aides do and how much do teacher aides get paid?

As the leading provider of teacher aide course in Australia, we are proud to offer our popular government funded teacher aide courses to residents of the Toowoomba region. We have served the local area for years and hope to see you in a local school in the near future. To learn more, read our blogs and articles or contact our office to speak with a friendly student advisor.


CHC30221 Certificate III in School Based Education Support & CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support


CHC30221 Certificate III in School Based Education Support

The introductory teacher aide course covering all the basics of working in a school.



CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support

The industry standard TA course with a focus on disabilities and disorders.



Study two courses in one streamlined program with the Teacher Aide Combo

Save time and money by completing ITAC's popular Teacher Aide Combo.



Have a look at our range of sample course resources and materials

Be sure to ask your provider for a sample of their resources and assessments before enrolling.



CHC30221 Certificate III in School Based Education Support & CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support

50% choose ITAC

For the CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support.


Interest free plans from $40 - no hidden fees, includes all resources.


From $50 - courses subsidised by the Queensland government.


Friendly trainers with years of experience in local schools.


We visit every learner on placement to help improve your practice.


A 30-day no obligation period so you can be sure the course is for you.


Supported, self-paced distance mode or class from 1 day per week.


Learn industry best practice and research-based pedagogy.


An established provider with more than 5000 happy graduates.


The Institute of Teacher Aide Courses is the go-to provider for nationally recognised teacher aide courses. Around 1 in 2 students choose to study Australia's most popular TA course with ITAC.