Course Materials Preview

Welcome to the Course Preview of the Institute of Teacher Aide Courses (ITAC). This section provides you with a brief yet informative overview of our assessments and high-quality learning resources. All of our resources are included at no additional costs to students, including learner guides and modern, interactive e-learning modules. Take a moment to explore, as we give you a glimpse of the resources designed to ensure your success in ITAC’s unique program. Your educational journey starts here.

ITAC classroom.

Key Features of ITAC's Comprehensive Program:

  • Expert-led live webinars every week
  • Interactive e-learning modules
  • Research-based curriculum
  • Easy-to-use, modern student portal
  • Fast assessment turnaround
  • Free best-selling e-books
  • Extensive resource library
  • Work placement site visits
  • Earn certificates as you progress
  • Adult-oriented classes and support

Unlock Your Educational Journey: A Preview of ITAC's Comprehensive Program

Dive into a detailed overview of what sets the Institute of Teacher Aide Courses (ITAC) apart. From expert-led webinars to a research-driven curriculum, our program is meticulously designed to equip you for a rewarding career as a highly effective teacher aide. Below, we outline the key features that make ITAC's offering a unique and unparalleled educational experience.

  • Research-Based Curriculum: At ITAC, we base our curriculum on proven pedagogical research, ensuring you are equipped with the most effective instructional and behaviour management strategies in the educational sector.
  • Streamlined Assessment Tools: Forget cumbersome essays and exams. Our assessments are designed to be straightforward yet comprehensive, using short and medium answer formats that you can submit through our online portal for quick turnarounds.
  • Expert-Led Virtual Catch-ups: Join our regular live virtual catch-ups, led by seasoned educators with decades of hands-on experience in local schools. This interactive format allows you to ask questions in real-time and network with other aspiring teacher aides.
Example of a live webinar held by ITAC trainers.
  • ITAC's Learner Guide: Developed collaboratively by ITAC's experienced staff and industry experts, this guide is not just an instructional manual but a resource sold worldwide. The best part? It's free for all enrolled ITAC students.
  • Audiobooks for Flexibility: Don't enjoy reading? No problem. Our learner guides are also available in audiobook format, narrated by local trainers. Listen while commuting, doing chores, or whenever it suits you.
  • User-Friendly Student Portal: Our student portal is tailored for you. Created in-house, it's compatible with all devices and offers 24/7 access to all your educational resources, making learning flexible and convenient.
  • Interactive E-Learning Modules: Designed in-house exclusively for ITAC students, these modules offer an engaging adult-oriented learning experience. Our e-modules take you through key topics using a blend of multimedia, simulations, and quizzes.
Example of an interactive e-learning module.
  • Certificates to Boost Your Résumé: Unique to ITAC, we offer certificates throughout the course, rewarding your progression and enhancing your professional profile.
  • Library of Supplementary Materials: Beyond your core materials, we offer an extensive digital library filled with supplementary videos, readings, and research articles to deepen your understanding.
  • Live and Pre-Recorded Webinars: Flexibility is key, which is why we offer both live and pre-recorded webinars. You can engage in real-time or catch up at your own convenience.
Example of a pre-recorded webinar hosted by ITAC trainers.

Enrolling in the Institute of Teacher Aide Courses (ITAC) provides you with a unique and unparalleled educational experience that equips you for a successful career as a teacher aide. From our research-based curriculum to our expert-led virtual sessions, every aspect of the program is designed with your career advancement and learning needs in mind. Our program stands out for its comprehensive yet flexible approach, including innovative e-learning modules, a user-friendly student portal available 24/7, and practical assessments that forgo cumbersome essays and exams. These are precisely the reasons why ITAC stands as Australia's number one choice for accredited teacher aide courses.

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