Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  1. By signing a Direct Debit Request or by providing us with a valid instruction, you have authorized us to arrange for funds to be debited from your account using the Bulk Electronic Clearing System.
  2. If you are unsure of your payment schedule or want a copy of your payment schedule, please contact ITAC. You will be sent notices, schedules, and other documentation on a regular basis.
  3. ITAC will only debit funds that you have agreed to have debited via this agreement or via written notice provided by you (including email).
  4. If you wish to make additional payments, you may contact ITAC at any stage to make alterations to your schedule of payments.
  5. To defer or alter payments due to financial hardship you may contact ITAC to request an amendment to your schedule. Payments cannot be cancelled completely however in some circumstances payments can be altered temporarily. Notice must be provided in email or letter. ITAC require a minimum of 5 business days’ notice in order to hold, charge or cancel a payment.
  6. You are responsible for informing us if you change your banking institution, lose your card or are unable to meet the scheduled payments.
  7. A dishonour fee of $2.75 is charged for every dishonour. The dishonour fee is applied to your next payment. Additional fees may be applied by your financial institution.
  8. If your account has money owning, and this amount is not scheduled to be debited in the future, ITAC may automatically add this amount to the end of your schedule following the same payment method i.e. weekly or monthly debits.
  9. You may dispute any debit by contacting ITAC. The matter will be investigated thoroughly as per the complaints and appeals policy (see student handbook). Check your account statement regularly to ensure that there are no errors.
  10. Any notices are deemed to have been received 4 business days after posting or emailing to ITAC.
  11. All information provided to ITAC will be securely managed as per ITAC’s privacy policy (see student handbook).
  12. If you are unsure of when a debit will be processed, please contact ITAC or your financial institution.
  13. If there are any changes to the direct debit arrangements, ITAC will provide you with at least 14 days’ notice (unless you agree or request a change such as bringing forward payments).
  14. It is the responsibility of the customer to have sufficient cleared funds in the correct account by the due date (to ensure that the direct debit is processed according to the agreed schedule).
  15. You are advised to check your ITAC account details on a regular basis against statements from your institution.
  16. Direct Debit is not available on all bank accounts. If you are unsure of any aspect of this agreement, check with your institution.



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