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Navigate your educational journey with ITAC's award-winning teacher aide courses, specially designed to meet the demands of busy adult learners. Whether you opt for our flexible online mode with hands-on placement experience or prefer in-person workshops conducted weekly, ITAC offers an unparalleled blend of convenience and quality instruction. With a range of support services, from email consultations to face-to-face tutorials, we're committed to helping you succeed. Choose from various study options and find the right balance for your lifestyle, all while benefiting from comprehensive resources and straightforward assessments.

Key points:

  • Open enrolment for online courses
  • Class-based option in Western Australia
  • Comprehensive online support services
  • Classes one day per week
  • Interactive e-learning modules
  • No essays or exams
  • Option to switch between study modes
  • Average 6-12 study hours per week
  • Course duration varies by experience
  • Initial 18-month enrolment duration

For the online mode, enrolment is open for immediate commencement. For the class-based mode, classes are conducted each term, four times per year. Due to high demand, it is advisable to secure your spot promptly.

While class-based learning is currently only available in Western Australia, it is highly recommended if feasible for you. Nonetheless, the majority of students opt for the online mode due to its flexibility while enjoying the same level of resources and support as class-based students.

Online students can take advantage of a range of support services including email, phone, and virtual meetings. Weekly virtual catch-up sessions are also offered by our dedicated teaching staff. Face-to-face tutorials are occasionally held in various locations during school holidays.

Classes are conducted one day a week for a period of 10 weeks. These classes function more as workshops, introducing you to key topics. The bulk of the coursework is still completed independently, similar to the online mode. Sessions are scheduled during family-friendly hours to accommodate childcare needs.

The online course commences with an orientation video, outlining operational details. Students can join weekly virtual catch-up sessions or view recorded versions at their convenience. Study materials include readings, textbooks, activities, and interactive e-learning modules. Audio versions of textbooks are also available. Students follow a simple schedule set by their lecturer.

ITAC assessments are straightforward and do not include essays, reports, exams, or tests. Instead, students are evaluated through short answer questions, case studies, multiple-choice questions, and practical assessments like portfolios and demonstrations during their placement.).

Switching from class-based to online is usually straightforward. Moving from online to class-based is contingent upon seat availability, as these sessions are often fully booked.

Study hours are flexible and tailored to adult learners juggling various responsibilities. While the time commitment may vary week-to-week, on average, students dedicate between 6 to 12 hours per week to comfortably progress through their course.

A learner with no experience with children, and no previous study or employment history, may take 26 weeks or 600 hours to complete this program. Learners who have experience with children (including parents and families), related 'people' industries, such as childcare and aged care, or who have studied at this level or higher may complete in a shorter period.

Initial enrolment lasts for 18 months to accommodate any unexpected disruptions such as illness or travel.

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