Why ITAC? Australia's Leader in Teacher Aide Training.

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Affordable Education
for the Educators of Tomorrow.

Choose ITAC for a supportive, high quality education experience tailored for busy adult learners. Our experienced lecturers, flexible support, and focus on real-world skills make us the preferred choice for those balancing life’s demands such as caring for children.

  • JobAssist: Connecting schools with graduates
  • Adult-Focused: Tailored for busy adult lives
  • Flexible Plans: Customised financial options
  • Supportive Culture: Caring, experienced lecturers
  • Proven Quality: Trusted by schools nationwide

ITAC is a long-established training provider with links to thousands of schools across Australia. While based in WA, ITAC has staff and facilities across the country, and are the largest provider of teacher aide courses in Australia.

  • Established Authority: Decades in teacher aide training
  • Australia-Wide: Facilities and staff across the nation
  • Leading Provider: Largest in teacher aide education
  • Broad Network: Links with thousands of schools
  • Diverse Demographics: Focused on adult learners

ITAC is a highly specialised provider: education support courses is all that we do – every day and all day – that’s why we’re so good at it! Our graduates work in nearly every school in Australia and provide high quality, research-based services to hundreds of thousands of children.

  • Specialised Focus: Education support is our core
  • Research-Driven: Curriculum built on solid research
  • Industry Presence: Graduates in nearly every school
  • Quality Impact: Serving hundreds of thousands of children
  • Daily Dedication: 100% focus on education support
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Friendly & Supportive

Our welcoming staff treat students as mature adults, creating an environment that respects the complexities of adult life.

Largest Network

Our unrivalled industry network opens doors to diverse and rewarding placement and career opportunities.

Industry Veterans

Led by seasoned professionals with decades of industry experience, our courses offer invaluable, practical insights.

Start today with Australia's most popular teacher aide course.

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